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Bilge Pumps

Bilge Pump

  • Heavy duty motor with a stainless steel shaft and tough thermoplastic body.
  • Totally submersible and ignition protected.
  • Water Cooled motor for a long life, with anti airlock design and moisture seals.
  • Snap-Lock strainer base for easy installation and removal, and silent vibration free running.
  • No burn out if run dry.

Available Models

BP15 Delivery Volume 1500GPH, 12V, Delivery Head 5m
BP15A Delivery Volume 1500GPH, 24V, Delivery Head 5m
BP20 Delivery Volume 2000GPH, 12V, Delivery Head 6m
BP20A Delivery Volume 2000GPH, 24V, Delivery Head 6m
BP30A Delivery Volume 3000GPH, 24V, Delivery Head 6m
BP30B Delivery Volume 3000GPH, 12V, Delivery Head 6m
BP35 Delivery Volume 3500GPH, 12V, Delivery Head 6m
BP35A Delivery Volume 3500GPH, 24V, Delivery Head 6m
BP37 Delivery Volume 3700GPH, 12V, Delivery Head 6m
BP37A Delivery Volume 3700GPH, 24V, Delivery Head 6m